Record Tripping

Back in early 2010, after spending nearly three years working on our game, we finally launched Record Tripping. At the end of that first night, we sat in front of the computer in John’s office and stared blankly at the screen. Plays: 200.

A week later, that play count jumped to over a million and continued to climb. It went on to win some of the top internet awards, even beating Farmville for that year’s Webby Award.

“Like Alice in Wonderland? Love creative flash games? This is your new jam.”
Entertainment Weekly

Record Tripping was a game that’s goal was to throw as much at the player as possible in a very short amount of time. From our previous efforts, we knew we would only have people’s attention for a few minutes before they lost interest. We were both guilty of this ourselves, seldomly playing all-the-way through a game or completely reading the shortest of articles. We designed a game where the player would be pushed along and experience everything in around 5 minutes, while also rewarding return players with additional puzzles.

“It’s fanciful, fun, and most importantly, free!”
Wall Street Journal

Using the scroll wheel, we tasked players to scratch a record back and forth in order to solve a series of puzzles. We took this relatively simple game mechanic and applied it to five different rotating objects, introducing new gameplay at each stage. Rolling a barrel up and down a hill to navigate a ball out of a maze. Discovering the correct combination to unlock a wall safe. All five chapters added up to what we hoped was an innovative experience that caught people’s attention and entertained them for a short while.



2011 SXSW Interactive Award (Motion Graphics Category)

2010 Webby Award Winner (Games Category)

2010 FWA Site Of The Day (Feb 19)

2010 Sense of Wonder Night Finalist at the Tokyo Game Show

2010 Pixel Awards People's Champ (Games Category)

2010 IMA Best in Class (Games Category)

Record Tripping