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Recharge Your Yard

Black + Decker was set to launch their new line of 36v rechargeable lawn and garden equipment for the summer season. They needed to increase awareness of their new electric offerings and educate consumers on how they stacked up against traditional gas equipment. No gas, no pull-cord. All the power, minus the hassles.

“Are you ready to recharge your yard this Spring? Learn how our new 36V cordless tools can help. This system #KICKSGAS!”
Black + Decker

We created a promotional microsite that showcased all of their lawn and garden products, while also reinforcing the reasons to switch to electric. With almost 100 products in all, we divided the products into three general categories with smaller product groupings within each category. The new 36v products were called out with a green badge and were supported by customer reviews and instructional videos.

In support of the new Recharge Your Yard microsite, we also created a set a banners that focused on Black + Decker’s biggest sellers. By fully animating the electric mower and trimmer, we were able to create eye-catching banners that delivered all the right messaging. Short and simple, but effective.

Recharge Your Yard