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Match and Win

Heading into the holiday season, Black + Decker wanted to showcase their products as the perfect gift for anyone, whether it be a steam mop for Mom or a drill for Dad. We created a gift guide and a promotional game that would launch simultaneously and support one another. The Black + Decker Holiday Gift Guide highlighted some great gifts for under the tree as well as some smaller items that would make the perfect stocking stuffers. The best part? All the items from the gift guide could be won instantly in the Black + Decker Match and Win Game.

“I had fun playing the game and can't wait for tomorrow. Really hoping i can win a nice prize!!”
Renee R.

Nine cards lay face down, match any two and win the Black + Decker product on those cards. Utilizing the familiar gameplay of a memory card game, we were able to make an approachable game that exposed players to Black + Decker’s top sellers during the peak time for holiday shopping.

After six weeks, almost 60,000 unique participants had played the Match and Win Game. As a result, Black & Decker’s Facebook audience doubled in size and generated millions of brand and product impressions.

“Thanks for a great game ...and thanks for the steam mop!!!”
Heather H.
Fan Growth
Match and Win