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Dustbuster Derby

In the Dustbuster Derby, the Dustbuster is in a constant chase after the dust bunny, who the player must help stumble through the game’s four levels. Although it was essentially an endless runner, we did stray from the traditional formula by incorporating checkpoints, a health bar, separate levels, and… an end. The game was well received by consumers and won us two Addy Awards.

“It’s game time! Check out the Dustbuster Derby--fast fingers are a must!”
Black + Decker

The game features four different Dustbuster models and has in-game placements of some of Black + Decker’s other products. All the obstacles that the dust bunny has to avoid in the game are actually objects that the Dustbuster is advertised to suck up (crumbs, dog food, cereal, even small screws and washers).


2011 Gold Addy Award (Online Games Category)

2011 Silver Addy Award (Online Games Category)

Dustbuster Derby
Dustbuster Derby
Dustbuster Derby